I can make square neckline top

Can be worn 2 ways - with a square neckline or off the shoulder! Made the square neckline and cropped the shirt. Also added elastic to the arm holes and the back of the top to cinch it in.


Price: $20-22

    I can make square neckline top

    • Hi there! I’m Isabelle, currently 21 y/o and studying psych at NTU. I’ve always loved crafting and refashioning was one of those craft projects that I always wanted to try! 

      I started refashioning as a hobby since I always watched many thrift flip vids online. Eventually, that led me to start up a really small thrift shop on IG as a sort of passion project since I wanted something meaningful to do during the whole lockdown period! My refashioning projects also had added meaning, knowing I was doing something to help slow down fast fashion.

      For me, I think fashion is something that makes the individual feel good - as simple and as underwhelming as that may sound. I really hope that I can refashion your old items into new pieces that will leave you feeling beautiful and confident in!