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I paint your shirts with Galilean Moons

I got slightly (a lot) obsessed with space & came up with a series of moons & galaxy theme projects. The Galilean Moons are the four largest moons of Jupiter. I loved painting these!


From $20 onwards depending on the size!

    I paint your shirts with Galilean Moons

    • Hi, I'm Zaf! I am an International Payroll Specialist, focusing on APAC & EMEA region - a world's away from painting on tees, I suppose! I am also a self-taught artist. I've been painting on tees (or any fabric really!) for a while now & I love the texture different kind of fabric gives to my piece :)

      I love painting on tees, even more so when it is a well-loved and used tee - makes me feel like as if I am giving it a new life. Painting on vintage tees kind of have a soft spot for me, I used to paint over stains so that I can keep on wearing my favourite tee. Also, PSA - never eat laksa when you're wearing white!

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