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How we started

At Alt.native, we believe that every piece of fabric should be treated with respect as there are many ways the item can be utilized. 

Many times, old clothes throw us into a dilemma - should we donate them away or just toss them into the landfill? Even if we recycle them, these unwanted fabrics still contribute to textile waste. 

We thought about the new alternative - repurposing these unwanted clothings into something desireble again. 

Refashioning - a practice to upcycle old clothes, giving unwanted fabrics a new purpose and extending their lifespan. Sounds simple, yet not everyone is equipped with the relevant skills to carry such tasks out. 

Alt.native became the solution. We are a platform to connect anyone who wants to upcycle old clothes (Refashionees) to those with the right skills (Refashioners), making refashioning a simple process to bring your ideas to life.

Refashioning is now made easy.

Why refashion?


Reduce Fashion Footprint

When you choose to refashion hence prolonging the lifespan of an article of clothing, you are taking part in the fight against fast fashion with us. 

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Your Own Fashion

You get to transform unwanted clothes into a new, one-of-a-kind fashion that is specific to you! 

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Keep Sentimental Pieces

Your sentimental, nostalgic clothing will no longer have to go to waste. From a T-Shirt to a mask, be surprised at what refashioning can do for you! 

Here's what we offer

New Lifespan for Clothes.png

Create New From Old

We transform old clothes into a new, one-of-a-kind favorable item that suits your purpose.


Connect You with Experts

We have experienced fashion experts ready to collaborate with you, for your next refashioned piece!

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Make Refashioning Easy

Our team is here to support you by making refashioning a seamless experience.

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