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Does the idea of refashioning appeal to you?
Have you enjoyed working with textile crafts before but often seem to lack avenues to create new projects? 
Also, you're afraid that you might not be competent enough?
You're afraid of commitment?

We're here for you.

Join our community!

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Flexible Committment

No commitment - we mean it. When we receive a project for you, you decide on whether to take it up, or give it a pass!

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Opportunity to Practice

Lack of avenues to practice your textile skills or you’ve always just been afraid to embark on a project? Fret no more!


Reduce Fashion Footprint

When you choose to refashion hence prolonging the lifespan of an article of clothing, you are taking part in the fight against fast fashion with us. 

Your Refashion Journey

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Interested to join us as a refashioner?
Sign up here now!

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