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I add personality and style to your old pants

Featuring Black-Zip Detailed Flare Jeans. If you no longer want your jeans to look boring and uptight, here's something you can try out to add a bit of personality and style to your old pants.

I add personality and style to your old pants

  • Hello, I'm Xiu Wen! I've always been interested in clothing and dressing up as a child. It started out as a hobby but grew into my form of self-expression during secondary school. It was in junior collage that I met a great art teacher who invested her time into mentoring me to create fashion pieces. My brand 9898 is an independent brand based in Singapore, representing my birth year and offering quality designs, released in limited quantity. Ever evolving, I inspire to break away from contemporary trends in order for my apparels to reflect our core style - one that mirrors the rebel that lives within us.

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