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I alter or transform your clothes into anything

While typical alteration services would focus on tailoring an item to be smaller, we can help to add fabric creatively to help your items to fit (such as with a self designed patchwork pattern as shown). Of course, typical taking in of items can be done as well.


Basic alterations $5, up to $15

    I alter or transform your clothes into anything

    • Hello! I’m running this profile for my mum who sews as a hobby. You can call her flowermom, or Elsie 😀 She’s been sewing for 20+ years and though not a professional, she’s become proficient with the basics. She loves to try out new patterns and to see her lovingly made items go to a new home!

      Refashioning is giving a new life to clothes which might otherwise not see the light of day. Every fabric has some special quality and when combined, can make something beautiful and longlasting 🌈

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