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I can alter your clothes

Neckline and Armhole Improvement


Price: $20-30

    I can alter your clothes

    • I endeavour to live life as naturally and sustainably as I can by minimising my carbon footprint. Seeing textile and apparel waste as a huge problem, I personally prefer to repurpose or repair what is already owned instead of focusing on making more new wearables.

      Getting into mending and minor alterations began when friends heard that I was taking sewing lessons and saw a cheongsam I completed myself. One had a V-neck sleveless dress with a facing which cut across her chest and armholes a tad too big. I took up the shoulders and remodeled the facing to mirror the V-neckline so that the dress fitted better and was more flattering! The other was a blood-stained shift dress where I placed a patched pocket over the stain and replaced the hem border with lace. These inspired me to look into mending techniques and find items around my home for further practice and skill enhancing.

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