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I can make a Reversible Lounge Jacket

Oversized lounge jacket that can be worn both sides, with two functional pockets on the front.

    I can make a Reversible Lounge Jacket

    • I'm Jacqueline, a curious, passionate and achievement-oriented aspiring fashion designer and entrepreneur. I've always been interested in fashion and crafting since young which has led me to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion and Textile Design. During my free time, I would usually watch online videos on thrift flips and crafting projects to gain more knowledge and expertise in the field as I've always wanted to establish my own fashion brand in the near future. 

      Unfortunately, the fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, so I believe that not only would refashioning help to creating something new from old fabrics but it would also help to lessen textile waste through upcycling. So, why not make ourselves a contributor in protecting the environment while thrifting!

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