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I can make carpet clutches

Donated offcuts and carpet samples are cleaned and treated then made into modern clutch bags.

    I can make carpet clutches

    • My name is Yvette and I am the founder of YNG. The brand takes after my initials, this is because the foundation and everything we do is based on my philosophy and experiences, with the brand aesthetics modelled off my styling/design background with functional, minimal form products that I hope you will like and wear/use often. It is about relooking at the materials around us and making good use of them, while we expand their lifespan. And it is in something as simple as these that keep us going, while connecting with more like minded people within our community.

      Refashioning is a lifestyle. About being aware and looking to your surroundings and our daily habits. My mom is a huge influence for me. Come a long way down the road, this to me, is a form of doing our part and way of living that I am consistently working to aesthetically create.

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