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I can make furry tote bags

I used whatever I found at home that I do not use anymore.


Price: $15-25

    I can make furry tote bags

    • Hello! I am Mirza and i am 22 this year! I graduated from Lasalle in 2020 but I studied broadcast media. I started getting into fashion and styling because of film. I get to dress up the talents and it is fun because every character that each actor plays are very different in terms of style and aesthetics.

      I really love to create and why not clothes? I use to work retail and I always hear about people complaining like "the pattern is nice but the cutting doesn't fit me" or "i really love this shirt but I can't wear it anymore because it is torn" then i just thought to myself you can make them into something else. Another thing about reworking/Upcycling is that you cant find any of the things you wear anywhere else and you can make it to measure and it fits you and only you perfectly!

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