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I can make patchwork tops

Patchwork top made from fabric scraps

    I can make patchwork tops

    • I am a freelance fashion designer, working from my home studio. I graduated with my BA in Fashion Design and textiles from LASALLE College of the Arts.

      My first time refashioning was during my first project in college, which was an upcycling project. I took an old leather bag and turned it into a cropped leather vest. Since then, Ive been altering, refashioning, upcycling for myself and others. From my experience studying and working I've learned that there are many problems in the fashion industry. One of them being textile waste. Many big fast fashion and luxury brands are not considerate of their environmental impact. As a designer, I try to reduce my impact as much as possible, by using recycled fabric, upcycling, making use of all my fabric scraps, using natural fabrics, and more.

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