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I can make two piece

It is a deconsttucted zero waste pattern making by the use of a self invented method of cutting called the herringbone cut.


Price: SGD $250 - $400 for a set (top and skirt) / 2 tops

    I can make two piece

    • I am a recent graduate from lasalle college of the arts with a bachelor honours degree in fashion design and textiles. I specify in creative pattern cutting, zero waste patterns and innovative wearable fashion. Besiades pattern, i am equiped with knowledges in fine arts specifically in illustrations and painting. Aside from that, i am also do freelance tutoring and education in those fields. I am patient, understanding, witty and open-minded and i always strive to create the best possible outcome in all that i do.

      I think that refashioning is the future of fashion. To me, the world is running out of fashion, where silhouettes and styles are just repeating, lacking the unique aspect and therefore a new concept should be introduced to the society. And fashioning recycling or remaking of an existing garment is just one of the ways to bring the new and inspiring aspect of fashion into the current trend. This is because we treat each garment like an infinite puzzle piece that could be sewn and mended into other garments, making endless possiblilities that reflect each individual's unique styles.

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