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I can rework your top with shoelace details

This used to be a button-down top, along with a skirt. I decided to remove the buttons and add loops for the shoelace to go through. this was one of the most tedious pieces to make, especially with creating the loops. Still turned out cute though! :) 


Price: $25 (depends on the material, for instance if its like knit material its lowkey harder to sew)

    I can rework your top with shoelace details

    • Hey! I'm Stacey and I'm 19 years old. I'm passionate about all things fashion, and I LOVE to thrift shop during my spare time. I got into sewing and reworking my clothes during Circuit Breaker last year as a passion project.
      I started refashioning because I got inspired by those thrift flip videos I always watch on Youtube. I decided to pick up sewing, and I had no prior experience before Circuit Breaker happened. I take inspiration from Tiktok videos and the stuff i see on pinterest, and I see how these can be catered to my own style.

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