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I make halter dresses

Chloe used to be a ruffly slip-on dress that cut awkwardly at the knee. But I saw potential in her cute patterns and ruffles and transformed her into this mini halter dress.

    I make halter dresses

    • Hey there! I'm Elyza with a lifelong itch to create. I love breathing new life into old clothes and fabrics, turning them into something new and cool. I learned some basic sewing and construction through Youtube and Google (and I still do until today).

      Picking up sewing started when I was young watching my grandma make curtains, alas when I was finally ready to use her sewing machine, she brought it back with her to the Philippines. Fast forward to 2018, becoming aware of unethical treatment of garment workers and unsustainable practices in fast fashion, I decided to deep dive into sewing again. Ever since then, I realised the importance of placing more value in fashion and the work it entails.

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