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"Refashioning since 13 years old with my first sewing machine, i actively pursued my interest in fashion since young by self-learning through  youtube videos . I now refashion and also design and sew my clothes from scratch!"

Catastrophic needles

"The making process of clothes/textiles peaks my interest rather than actually "looking fashionable". Hence, in 2019, I acted on the interest by taking a sewing course to properly learn. As the more you know, the more you realise you don't know),,  I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot of new things along the way."


"To me, fashion is about personal preference and identity. So refashioning an item means transforming it into an individuals' unique preferences while at the same time, transforming social-economic and environment problems through upcycling, waste reduction and sustainability! "


"Upcycling is to us is to give material a new life and a place of belonging. We have been inspired to create a sustainable fashion business as we have witness many problems caused by the fast fashion industry. Our designs are minimalistic, yet outstanding. Each piece is unique from another and are comfortable. They are improved according what the people want."


" With my online fashion boutique, D'jamais Vu, Fashion is always about expressing one's self to me.  But overtime, I see it as a way of life. A lifestyle. Having made clothes from scratch, I come close to textile waste which is when I decided to take a stand by refashioning unwanted clothings and think of ways I can use up fabric scraps instead of disposing them. Refashioning your clothes gives it more personality and a longer lifespan..


"I believe in taking risks and trusting the process hence i do find myself experimenting with the "trendy" style cos i just like to try new things. So,  just really give me whatever idea you have! My take on fashion, is to make clothes that bring out the best in people - to feel the best and feel confident!!!!!!"

Jae (paaintnugget)

"Apart from selling vintage and thrifted clothing, I paint and embroider on various clothing items to spice them up! Feel free to express yourself in any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone! Be confident, try something new and if you think others are looking at you weirdly, you’re most likely not going to see them again so it doesn’t matter!


"A Singapore based fashion designer, majored in creative pattern cutting. My works draws inspiration from social and environmental issues brought about by the fashion industry that are often overlooked. I hope to challenge the narrative of cheap mass production and herd-mentality consumption."


"With a lifelong itch to create. I love breathing new life into old clothes and fabrics, turning them into something new and cool. I picked up basic sewing from watching my grandma make curtains, I decided to deep dive due to the awareness of unethical treatment of garment workers and unsustainable practices in fast fashion and realise the importance of placing more value in fashion and the work it entails ever since! 

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