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Catastrophic needles


"The making process of clothes/textiles peaks my interest rather than actually "looking fashionable". Hence, in 2019, I acted on the interest by taking a sewing course to properly learn. As the more you know, the more you realise you don't know),,  I'm having a lot of fun and learning a lot of new things along the way."

"Refashioning since 13 years old with my first sewing machine, i actively pursued my interest in fashion by self-learning through youtube videos. I now refashion and also design and sew clothes from scratch!"

"To me, fashion is about personal preference and identity. So refashioning an item means transforming it into an individuals' unique preferences while at the same time, transforming social-economic and environment problems through upcycling, waste reduction and sustainability! "




"Upcycling is to us is to give material a new life and a place of belonging. We have been inspired to create a sustainable fashion business as we have witness many problems caused by the fast fashion industry. Our designs are minimalistic, yet outstanding. Each piece is unique from another and are comfortable. They are improved according what the people want."

" With my online fashion boutique, D'jamais Vu, Fashion is always about expressing one's self to me.  But overtime, I see it as a way of life. A lifestyle. Having made clothes from scratch, I come close to textile waste which is when I decided to take a stand by refashioning unwanted clothings and think of ways I can use up fabric scraps instead of disposing them. Refashioning your clothes gives it more personality and a longer lifespan."

"I believe in taking risks and trusting the process hence i do find myself experimenting with the "trendy" style cos i just like to try new things. So,  just really give me whatever idea you have! My take on fashion, is to make clothes that bring out the best in people - to feel the best and feel confident!!!!!!"

Jae (paaintnugget)



"A Singapore based fashion designer, majored in creative pattern cutting. My works draws inspiration from social and environmental issues brought about by the fashion industry that are often overlooked. I hope to challenge the narrative of cheap mass production and herd-mentality consumption."

"Apart from selling vintage and thrifted clothing, I paint and embroider on various clothing items to spice them up! Feel free to express yourself in any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone! Be confident, try something new and if you think others are looking at you weirdly, you’re most likely not going to see them again so it doesn’t matter!"

"With a lifelong itch to create. I love breathing new life into old clothes and fabrics, turning them into something new and cool. I picked up basic sewing from watching my grandma make curtains, I decided to deep dive due to the awareness of unethical treatment of garment workers and unsustainable practices in fast fashion and realise the importance of placing more value in fashion and the work it entails ever since! 




" With my sustainable streetwear business - The Havocollective, my goal is to educate more people about conscious buying, and the importance of shopping sustainability, through my brand and products. I began refashioning in March 2020 to raise funds to help fellow migrant workers (from HOME) through sales of my handmade scrunchies during the peak of COVID. From there, I grew interest in creating and upcycling items, as well as the idea of sustainability. I am able to make tote bags, baguette bags, bucket hats, split tees, crop tops (sleeves and without), and corsets! "

"Refashioning/fashion means being able to express one’s creativity without any limits. Most contemporary fashion and current trends are pretty toned down/minimalist so I get my inspirations from them while adding my own version of funkiness and uniqueness. Unique, funky, and iconic (etc vibrant prints/statement piece) projects peak my interest!!"

"An eco-friendly brand with a social mission. We aim to provide you with quality lifestyle products while promoting sustainability and fulfilling our social mission of providing job opportunities and supplemental income for lower-income families in the local community. We are experienced in refashioning Bucket hats, Tote bags, Handbags, Scrunchies, Pouches!"




"I lost my job due to COVID-19 so I decided to use this chance to pick up a new skill after my daughter bought a sewing machine for me. I enjoyed the entire process of it! Making masks & scrunchies are my thing!"

"Mentored by my great art teacher who invested her time into mentoring me to create fashion pieces  I inspire to break away from contemporary trends in order for my apparels to reflect our core style - one that mirrors the rebel that lives within us through refashioning and my brand, '9898'! "





"I picked up sewing few years back and only got more invested in it during the Circuit-Breaker period where I researched more about sustainable fashion! I personally believe that old clothes can revamp their lifetime just by reworking it into something that fits! I am experienced in refashioning crop-top shirts!" 


"Known as flowermom, I have been sewing for 20+ years and though not a professional, I have become proficient with the basics. I love to try out new patterns and to see mylovingly made items go to a new home! Refashioning is giving a new life to clothes which might otherwise not see the light of day. Every fabric has some special quality and when combined, can make something beautiful and longlasting 🌈"





" With my passion for all things fashion & LOVE for thrift shopping, I got into sewing and reworking my clothes during Circuit Breaker, as inspired by thrift flip videos on Youtube. I work on sleeveless tops e.g as halter tops (like the transformation of the button down to shoelaced top!), patchwork jeans, two-piece sets/bikini tops!"

"As a self-taught artist, I love painting on tees, even more so when it is a well-loved and used tee - makes me feel like as if I am giving it a new life. Painting on vintage tees kind of have a soft spot for me, I used to paint over stains so that I can keep on wearing my favourite tee. Also, PSA - never eat laksa when you're wearing white!"




"We are a crafts brand that currently does tie-dye. We refashion for sustainability!"

"Embroidering and upcycling clothes since 2018, I began my sewing journey in mid 2020, but i have been embroidering and upcycling my clothes since 2018. Other than sewing, I enjoy painting, playing netball and taking film photos as well!"

"Having started sewing last year during circuit breaker as a way to de-stress. I am self-taught and have made hair accessories e.g scrunchies, headbands & apparel like shorts and dresses. As someone who is plus-sized, refashioning is important to me as whenever I feel like something is too small I find ways to make it bigger. Sometimes I even refashion a product into a different style to fit my body type."




"Refashioning personally comes from a lot of creative energy i have not expressed in awhile, and also one i continue to build upon in my faith :”)Taking inspiration from current trends, i’m interested in thrift-flipping and turning items of clothing into other items of clothing and maybe even apparel like buckets hats and tote bags, making "unfashionable" clothes more desirable for the long term."

"Refashioning means quite a lot to me as i’ve liked fashion and sewing since young & to be able to give something old a new life is very enjoyable. I like working with denim & mainly bags!"

"I initially started refashioning as a way to declutter my wardrobe and turned old clothes into “new” ones during circuit breaker and fell in love with it! I’m interested in a range of projects, from turning old shirts into crop tops, denim jeans into shoulder bags and maybe a long skirt into two piece sets."




"An enthusiastic personality that loves to learn new things! Using my design studies to good use. Refashioning is a creative outlet that gets me inspired and excited with every project. I believe there’s multiple lives to each fabric pieces and that we can create a deeper meaning with refashioning! Reach out if you'd like bags, pouches, airpods pouches!"

" Having graduated from Lasalle in 2020 in broadcast media, I really love to create and why not clothes? Having worked in retail,  complaints like "the pattern is nice but the cutting doesnt fit me" or "i really love this shirt but i cant wear it anymore because its torn" then i just thought to myself you can make them into something else and I'd like to support that! I can do accessories like earrings or scrunchies to even bags or bucket hats. I have been working on tops and skirtbut am open to anything!

"Self-learned during Circuit breaker,  it led me to start up a small thrift shop as a passion project. Fashion is something that should make the individual feel good.  And I hope I can do the same for you too by refashioning your old clothes into new pieces that make YOU feel good about yourself! Cropping, Tie-tops, anything - I'm open and keen to all projects within my skill sets!"




"As a freelance pattern drafter, I sell reworked preloved & curated pieces done by me and have launched my own design! To me, fashion is about expressing and discovering myself. It is also an outlet where I can share my passion and creativity to the world. Corsets, feminine/girly style by adding roses /ribbons/lace/trims/ruffles detailings are my thing - hit me up!"

A self-learner through Youtube, I kickstarted by making making bootleg corsets and bralette inspired by couture brands like Dior. With my slogan "Boujee on a Budget", I want to offer originality to you and also play a part in trying to limit what we purchase!"

"Textile waste, fast fashion, climate change is a real problem and believe Refashioning is the way to go. My first sewing projects were T-shirt refashions and then I moved on to denim and plastic packaging that were widely available. As a graduate, I am experienced in basic, intermediate sewing, dress, and alteration courses and would like to help you in the process!"




"Hello, I'm Fuwari, a self-learned designer and now part-time student in apparel production!  I love creating colourful apparel in my little humble rainbow room. I love maximalism fashion and tend to lean towards that style when designing clothes."


"I work on: ​ Apparel Design, Photography, Illustrations and Visual Merchandising. I like to reflect sophistication, reverie and hints of playfulness to my projects




"Painting and sewing are what ive worked on during Circuit Breaker and these are the fruits of it! How I would describe my style: Comfort first! A mantra that I live by: If you don't see yourself wearing this in the next five years, don't buy it!"

"Mending and alterations are what I'm skilled in. Innovative Projects e.g Remodeled deep V neckline dress via alterations of armholes for a better fit, mending blood-strained dress with lace. One that I am proud of would be making my own cheongsam dress! These inspired me to look into mending techniques and find items around my home for further practice and skill enhancing."

"Pursuing my childhood ambition, I am a media graduate but now fulfilling my passion for embroidery and sewing through self-learning.  Embroidery and Upcycling are my skillsets to offer!"


Li Jia Yuan

Alicia Chui

Having pursued my childhood ambition through self-learning via Youtube tutorials, it solidified with my Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Fashion and Textile Design Moving closer to my dream of establishing my own fashion brands, I'd like to expand beyond my primary area of expertise in fashion apparels and try out other crafting projects like prints, textile manipulations, and accessories as well!

"As a year 2 studying Fashion and Textile design in MDIS Institute, I am passionate about what I am learning and enjoy use two or three clothes to combine into one new garment. And I sometimes remake the old bags or clothes with cutting, putting accessories, repainting as well!"

Studied fashion design and merchandising in NAFA. Had worked as a garment merchandiser for fast fashion. Sew as a hobby and altered clothes for myself and siblings - like the Reversible girl's play dress/pinafore which can be worn 4  ways!"

Adel (muta.wear)



"Seeing waste as resource, we love transforming waste into considered, thoughtful design explorations & experiments. Upcycling gives new life to textile waste through reconstruction and craft and all we make is with with a zero-waste ethos and product lifetime repair promise. We are interested in all sorts of projects including your much-loved cheongsams!"

I started sewing using Mini Sewing Machine just for a hobby and am now working towards my dream to sew something and have my own branding one day! I'm keen on all projects- Clothing , bags , Scrunchies, headband etc!"

"I got inspired on sewing and making clothing from my mother. I develop skills towards pole dancing wear as I am also a pole dancer. Upcycling is one of the my passions at the moment."




"Refashioning is a lifestyle. About being aware and looking to your surroundings and our daily habits. My mom is a huge influence for me. Come a long way down the road, this to me, is a form of doing our part and way of living that I am consistently working to aesthetically create. I am keen on all sorts of projects and would love to conceptualise with you!"

"A graduand from Raffles Design Institute who has a passion for handicrafts, gifted with an illustration skill, whereas on the fashion industry; upcycling and full utilization of leftover materials are one of my strengths. From donated garments, surplus yarns, and stretchy fabrics to uniquely upcycled yet individual designs. Creative touches are found in knitting and macramé. All that is how I approach sustainability in the slow fashion movement."


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