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Your next fashion

is refashioned.

Refashioning is a way to upcycle preloved clothing by transforming them into something new and wanted.

We connect you with experienced individuals to rework your fashion pieces.

Try the slider to see how refashioning is a form of transformation!

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Featured Refashion Services 

Refashioning can be easy

Explore what you can do at Refashion Service

Select project from Refashioner's

past works to remake

*Have a refashion idea?

Let us know too!

Finetune refashion details with experienced refashioner

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Refashioner gets to work

with your clothing

*Alt.native is here to provide logistic support


Celebrate your new

fashion piece


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I would thoroughly recommend Alt.native if you want to support local brands and get into ecofashion but don’t have the time/skillset to get into it yourself!

#refashioned posts (4).png

Enjoyed the whole process of finding old clothes and discussing about the different ways we could refashion these clothes into something beautiful and hip.

#refashioned posts (6).png

Super impressed by the stitching, it looks so seamless! Thanks so much for going above and beyond, I will engage with Alt.native's services again to rework my old clothes!

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